What Are The Costs Of Air Filtration Systems?

Air filtration systems play a key role in maintaining a healthy environment in any home or business setting. But what is their cost? This depends on several factors including type, size and brand.

Types Of Air Filtration Systems

The most common types include High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) systems; carbon filtration systems; electrostatic filtration systems; and disposable fiberglass filtration systems. Each one has its own set of advantages and disadvantages:

  • HEPA Systems: These systems capture small particles like dust mites, pollen grains, pet dander and mold spores with greater efficiency than other types – however they tend to be more expensive too.
  • Carbon Systems: These absorb odors from smoke or chemicals with good efficiency – although they may not be as efficient as HEPA models when it comes to capturing small particles from the air.
  • Electrostatic Systems: These use an electric charge to trap airborne particles – making them relatively inexpensive compared with other options yet not quite as effective either.
  • Disposable Fiberglass Systems: These are the least expensive option, but also the least effective. It's important to replace them regularly for optimal performance.

Size Of Your Space

The size of your space also affects the cost of your air filtration system. If your space is larger, you may need multiple systems, whilst smaller spaces may need smaller filters. High ceilings, dusty environments and smoky atmospheres may also require more elaborately powerful filters.

Average Costs

The average cost for air filtration systems depends upon various factors including type, size and brand. Generally speaking, HEPA systems tend to be more expensive whilst disposable fiberglass systems are usually the cheapest option. On average, basic HEPA systems will cost about $50 - $100 whilst basic disposable fiberglass systems will cost roughly $10 - $20.

Replacement Costs

In addition to the initial purchasing cost for air filtration systems, you should also factor in replacement costs. HEPA and carbon systems usually need replacement every 6-12 months whilst disposable fiberglass models should be changed every 3-6 months for optimal performance.